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Reindeer Slaughter House Training, Inari
Written by Philip Burgess   
Thursday, 13 January 2011 19:37
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SamiEdCentreThe Sámi Education Institute will organize a 10 day – special training in the self-supervison of reindeer slaughterhouses, in Inari, Finland, on January 19 – 28, 2011. The training also covers the subjects of further processing and product development of reindeer products. The training is located in Inari, Finland and partly in other parts of the the Sámi area of Finnish Lapland.
The focus group of the training is professionals working with reindeer husbandry and those strongly related with the livelihood. This year’s participants are coming from the following areas of Russia: Yamal-Nenets autonomous area, Komi Republic, Sakha Repuclic, Kamtchatka area, Amur area and Chukotka autonomous area. The training is financed under Finland’s Neighbouring area cooperation, by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland. The training is part of an international project called “Arktinen poro” (Arctic Reindeer) led by the Sámi Education Institute, Inari The whole project period is the full calendar year 2011.

For more information in English contact:

Mika Aromäki
Sámi Education Institute
Fin-99870 Inari, Finland
Tel. + 358 40 726 0249
E-mail: mika.aromaki@sogsakk.fi

Information in Russian contact:

Марина Фалевич
координатор проектов с Россией
Центр образования саамского региона
Инари, Финляндия
тел: +358 400 395 672
e-mail: marina.falevitch@sogsakk.fi
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