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andersDirector: Anders Oskal. Anders has served as ICR Director since its inception.His previous employment was as Special Advisor to Innovation Norway, specifically on the value added program to reindeer husbandry. He lives in Kautokeino/Guovdageaidnu with his family.

: ax(at)reindeercentre.org



elna_thumbOffice Manager: Elna Sara has worked for ICR since its inception. She has worked for the Association of World Reindeer Herders since 1997. She has worked in the field of international cooperation in reindeer herding since 1990.She worked for NBR-NRL, the Sámi Reindeer Herders Association of Norway for 15 years. She lives in Guovdageaidnu/Kautokeino.

Contact: office(at)reindeercentre.org





svein_thumbScientific Advisor: Dr. Svein Mathiesen of the Sámi University College and the Norwegian School of Veterinary Science has been associated with ICR as a scientific advisor since its inception. A Biologist and vet by training, Dr. Mathiesen has been involved with issues related to reindeer husbandry and international cooperation in the field of reindeer husbandry for nearly two decades.

Contact: svein.d.mathiesen(at)gmail.com




issat_hendearatProject Adviser: Isak Henrik Eira joined ICR in 2009. He is a reindeer herding Sami who was born and raised in Kautokeino / Guovdageaidnu and is a member of the Dušnjargga siida. Eira is a trained economist and studied economics in Alta and Harstad. He has held a number of posts in the Sami Univesrity College including Director, Economic Director and Personnel Director. He is married with three children and lives in Kautokeino / Guovdageaidnu

Contact: ihe(at)reindeercentre.org





philip_smallAdvisor: Philip Burgess joined ICR in January, 2007. Originally from Dublin, Ireland, where he took a B.A. in Geography from Trinity College Dublin, he then took a Masters Degree in Arctic Studies from the University of Lapland, Finland. Since then, he has worked for the Sámi Council and the Indigenous Peoples Secretariat of the Arctic Council and spent a number of years in Vancouver working in the bicycle industry. Philip is Project Manager of the Reindeer Portal.


Contact: pb(at)reindeercentre.org




klabbaAdviser: Kristina Labba is a reindeer herding Sami from the Saarivuoma sameby, Sweden. She holds a Bachelors degree of the North Sami language from the University of Umeå and a Bachelors degree in environmental and international law from the University of Luleå, Sweden. For ICR she is working primarily with the Reindeer Portal. Kristina lives in Ramfjordbotn, Tromsø with her family.

Contact kl(at)reindeercentre.org

kikemiProject Manager: Karen Inga Kemi is project leader of the Reindeer Herders Women's Network, a project of the International Centre for Reindeer Husbandry and joined the staff of ICR in January 2009. She is from a reindeer herding family and lives in Kautokeino with her family.

Contact: karen.inga.kemi(at)reindeercentre.org

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