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ICR and EALAT Presented to Polarview, ESA
Written by Philip Burgess   
Monday, 21 April 2008 01:00
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Philip Burgess presented EALAT, EALAT Information and the work of ICR to the Polarview progress meeting at ESRIN. ESRIN is also known as the ESA (European Space Agency) Centre for Earth Observation, is one of the five ESA specialised centres situated in Europe. Located in Frascati, a small town 20 km south of Rome in Italy, ESRIN was established in 1966 and first began acquiring data from environmental satellites in the 1970s.Participants included NGO's, scientists, policy consultants and administrators from around Europe and the Arctic.


EALAT's participation is related to the fact that EALAR is a user of Polarview services. Polar View is an earth observation (EO) or satellite remote-sensing program, focused on both the Arctic and the Antarctic. Polar View is supported by the European Space Agency (ESA) and the European Commission with participation from the Canadian Space Agency.

The goal of the meeting was a progress report, and a valuable opportunity for Polarview partners to hear from Users - who provide the key to extending the Polarview project into the coming years.

EALAT currently uses two Polarview 'products' - the Scandinavian snow melt maps from KSAT (Kongsberg satellite services, Tromso) and the Eurasian snow melt, snow depth and snow water equivalent maps from the Finnish Meteorological Institute and SYKE, the Finnish Environment Institute.


Other user perspectives included a presentation by Jimmy Qaapik from Grise Fjord, Nunavut, who use satellite images to monitor sea ice floe edges, to improve hunter safety, along with other NGO, governmental and private users in the Baltic, Arctic and Antarctic.

The presentation was well received and Philip Burgess was also interviewed for ESA web tv.

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