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Young reindeer herders blogging in Sweden
Written by Philip Burgess   
Saturday, 09 April 2011 17:28
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logoThree young Sami reindeer herders from Härjedalen,  Sweden have started a blog where they write about their everyday life as reindeer herders in this area. The reason for the blog is an ongoing law suit, where the Sami villages have lost their rights to reindeer grazing in this area. And while an agreement would appear to be in reach, in principle, it  means that the villages renounce their customary rights to pasture their reindeer for ever.

According to Helena Omma, the leader of the Saminuorra the youth perspective is often missing in these kinds of processes, so there is a need for the youth to explain their own lives with their own words and  how this process affects them and how they believe that they have a future in reindeer husbandry in Härjedalen.

Visit the blog here (in Swedish)
Helena Omma, Härjedalen, Saminuorra, Sweden
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