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Sami trickster visiting herdswomen…..
Written by Karen Inga Kemi   
Thursday, 04 March 2010 10:54
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Sami trickster visiting herdswomen…tricks of a jester for you.

What does a trickster or a jester do? A trickster makes people laugh; she fiddles around with subjects
other people often find hard to approach. A trickster scolds her audience, defends the weak and
makes fun of people with authority.
In this performance you will hear about a young girl, Biiga, the runaway reindeer Snoop Deer and
Granny, a spry old lady of 106 telling stories and yoiking.
Sara Margrethe performs in Sami and English at the same time, and how she does it, you must see
for yourself!
From the review in NRK Sameradio February 2010:
"A funny performance with lots of jokes and subtlety ... In short, a show really worth seeing."
Siri K. Gaski
About Sara Margrethe Oskal:
Sara Margrethe Oskal is former reindeer herder. Nearly ten years ago she chose art as a livelihood.
She has just defended her artistic research "Sami jester tradition in stories and yoik, and
contemporary stage expressions" at Oslo National Academy of the Arts, faculty of performing Arts.
The members of the assessment committee were: Asko Sarkola, theatre manager at Helsinkin
Kaupungin Teatteri, Hanne Tømta, theatre manger at Nathionalteateret, Oslo and Nils Gaup, film
director. They concluded:
Old, forgotten experiences can become radical and new when they are brought forth again in a new
context. The candidate has created an amusing performance where laughter opens the door into
serious places. A fine mixture of entertainment and provocation. The storyteller manages to fool her
audience, everything seems deceptively simple and easy - but she knows what she's up to and where
she wants to take us. .