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Working Package 8
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Principal Investigator: Mathis Per Bongo

The goal of this Work Package is to develop a flexible and integrated education model (4 x 15-15-15-15 credits) at college-level customized towards active reindeer herders, allowing them to conduct a formal education without having to leave the reindeer herding industry. 
The project is aimed specifically at men in the age group 25 to 55 years who at the least have completed a formal education beyond primary school, but who have relatively high level of practical competence in reindeer herding. Key to working in this education model is that indigenous peoples traditional knowledge is used as a base and is combined with school-based knowledge.

In addition to expanding reindeer herders formal qualifications, the project through its development will produce doctoral and masters candidates in Education and expand the educational use of ICT and learning tools. The project will therefore assist in building a sustainable research environment at the Sami University College, and educate students in pedagogy and the pedagogical use of ICT and to use traditional knowledge and modern technology in higher education to increase research-based knowledge in this field.

The work is thus related to the institution's thematic and technical focus areas, and will also be an important contribution to the Sami University  College. The education model has been developed as a flexible learning model with both physical and online collections. The project has also developed an online learning resource database with multimedia content, video lectures and digital teaching methods which can be downloaded via the web (See Figure 1)

The web portal for this Work Package can be found here.

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