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Working Package 6 News
EALÁT Field Work Continues in Work Package 6
Written by Philip Burgess   
Monday, 21 September 2009 16:35
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Although summer is over, EALÁT  field work is still continuing. Eli Risten Nergård and Svein Mathiesen assisted by Philip Burgess are in Arnøya this week as Nergård  continues her PhD work in Work Package 6. Nergard is looking at the biological and cultural implications related to the castration of male reindeer, a key component of the internal management of Sami reindeer husbandry. This week the EALÁT  team are guests of District 39 Árdni/Gávvir siida, on their summer pastures situated on the island of Arnoya, in the province of Troms.
Fieldwork in EALAT WP 6
Written by Philip Burgess   
Thursday, 09 October 2008 00:00
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dscf5769Elli Risten Nergård is Sami researcher pursuing her Phd in Work Package 6 of the EALAT project. She is a trained veterinarian, has worked for the Norwegian Mattilsynet and is currently a Major in the Norwegian army. These last few weeks have seen an intense period of field work on both a small herd of animals that are being housed at the Department of Arctic Biology (part of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Tromso, also the home of EALAT researcher Monica Sundset).

New EALAT Phd Student - Eli Risten Nergård
Written by Philip Burgess   
Friday, 01 August 2008 00:00
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dscf5769Eli Risten Nergård is the most recent addition to the EALAT team. Eli Risten has started her Phd this summer and it will be a part of WP 6 'Reindeer Welfare and Nutrition: Herders' Observations and Scientific Data'. The objective of this work package is to determine the effects of local climatic variability and climate change on nutritional status and welfare of reindeer through understanding of physiological adaptation to change. The nucleus of Eli Risten's research will be the effects of castration on reindeer within the core themes within this work package and the working title of her Phd is Aspects of castration and animal welfare in the reindeer herd in a changing climate.

Eli Risten is a Sami, lives in Karasjok and is formally trained as a vet, a profession she practices in Karasjok. She is also a Major in the Norwegian Army, a position she will continue alongside her Phd studies. Her Phd supervisors are  Lars Moen, Rector of the Norges veterinærhøgskole, Svein Mathiesen, Sami University College / Norges veterinærhøgskole and Johan Mathis Turi of the Assn. of World Reindeer Herders/  International Centre for Reindeer Husbandry.


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