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Working Package 2
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Principal Investigator. Prof. Svein Mathiesen.

Objectives: Summarise and compare scientific data and codified versions of herders’ knowledge about the effects of variation in winter weather on the availability of forage for reindeer in winter and the growth and quality of forage in summer. Data and Method: Scientific data: Scientific literature. Herders’ knowledge: Documentation of herders' description of climate and of their knowledge of the effects of climate variation on forage and on foraging conditions.

Other tasks of this Work Package include the codification of herders’ terminology for, and concepts in, the assessment of (i) pasture quality and (ii) foraging conditions. A summary of scientific knowledge of the effects of climate variation and change on growth and phenological development of plants and the structure of northern plant communities will be compared to a comparison of herders’ understanding of the same issues. This Work Package will be underlaid by a characterisation of the loss of grazing land in Finnmark and Yamal, locally.

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