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View climate scenarios for the world through Google Earth
Written by Dagrun Vikhamar Schuler   
Thursday, 12 November 2009 17:52
AddThis Social Bookmark Button Google Earth, we have made a selection of measuring stations around the world available with associated climate scenarios and back projections. 

Our methods allow you to extract scenarios for local areas from a large number of locations around the world. At each measurement station are observations of temperature and precipitation. In addition, you'll find trend from 1900 onward in time to 2100 based on the models. 

To see the scenarios it is required that you have installed Google Earth on your machine. 

You can download Google Earth for free here

Once you have Google Earth you can find the climate scenarios for the world.

Here you will find the climate scenarios (. Kmz file).

For More information

Contact: Rasmus Benestad at

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