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Hao Shiyuan of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Hosted by ICR
Written by Philip Burgess   
Wednesday, 31 October 2007 01:00
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As part of discussions with the International Peace Research Institute of Oslo, under a planned project coordinated by Åshild Kolås, Hao Shiyuan of the Chinese Academy of Sciences was hosted by Anders Oskal and Elna Sara of ICR, October 19-22. The fall slaughter in Oskal's home reindeer husbandry district in Troms was visited and they also took time to visit the Sami school in Bardufoss. Hao Shiyuan was accompanied by a Tibetan student at the University of Oslo, Tashi Nyima, who acted as translator.


Hao Shiyuan is a Chinese researcher who has written about Evenk reindeer husbandry in Northern China and the recent challenges they face. Discussions about a future visit to reindeer husbandry regions in China were discussed as well outlining the challenges faced by reindeer husbandry in the Sami region.




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