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EALAT Yar Sale Seminar and Workshop - Stories, Pictures, Presentations
Written by Philip Burgess   
Wednesday, 17 October 2007 01:00
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While EALAT is an IPY project, it also falls under the Arctic Council, and has been approved by the Arctic Council Sustainable Development Working Group. Under the title ‘EALAT Information’, is the project Reindeer Herding, traditional knowledge and adaptation to climate change and loss of grazing land. EALAT Information is not a research project; rather it is a process that aims to bring the voice of reindeer herders to the Arctic Council on climate change issues and related challenges.


It was under these auspices that a small team went to the Yamal Peninsula (September 20-24, 2007). Although the trip was short, the program was ambitious – including a seminar to be held in the tundra village of Yar-Sale, a short helicopter flight from Salekhard, the booming oil and gas town of the Yamal Nenets Autonomous Okrug.


See all the links to the report, pictures, presentations and webcast here

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