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Kunnskapsseminar and ICR Board Meeting, Oslo - Pictures Added
Written by Philip Burgess   
Friday, 23 November 2007 01:00
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The International Centre for Reindeer Husbandry held an information seminar for the supporting state ministeries of the Centre in Oslo this week.The event was very well attended, with nearly 30 participants from the Ministry of Labour and Social Inclusion, the Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. ICR employees in attendence were Anders Oskal, Elna Sara, Svein Mathiesen, Philip Burgess and Ole Isak Eira. ICR Board members Mai Britt Utsi (Sami University College), Juha Magga (Suoma Boazosamit),


Monica Sundset (University of Tromso), Vladimir Etylin (Chukotka), Berit Marie Jonsson (Sami Council) and World Reindeer Herders Assn General Secretary, Johan Mathis Turi were all in attendence and made presentations. NBR NRL leader Nils Henrik Sara also made a presentation highlighting the challenges facing reindeer husbandry in Norway. Bob Corell joined the seminar by telephone from the U.S., giving attendees an update on the recently released IPCC report. Mathias Kaiser (NENT) presented the issue of ethics in research, highlighting the issue in relation to indigenous and local knowledge. Anders Oskal gave  a presentation on EALAT Information and Philip Burgess presented the Reindeer Portal. Petter J Drefvelin opened and closed the seminar.


In the morning, Vladimir Etylin, Svein Mathiesen and Philip Burgess visited the Meteorolgical Institute and had a meeting with Erik Froland (Director of the Climatology department) and  Inger Hannsen Bauer (Climate Research section leader) to discuss weather station monitoring in Chukotka.


The following two days were taken up by the ICR Board Meeting.


We have added pictures of the seminar and the Board Meeting here

See Seminar Programme here

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