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'Sweden forces Saami reindeer herding communities to give up rights' Saami Council Press Release
Written by Saami Council   
Saturday, 09 April 2011 17:34
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Sweden is placing inhuman pressure on three Saami reindeer herding communities in Härjedalen county to sign an agreement forcing the indigenous reindeer herders to resign inherent rights to lands they inherited from their forefathers and wish to pass on to future generations.  If the agreement is signed, the Saami’s future possibility to pursue reindeer husbandry in the area rests in the hands of the Swedish state and the land-owners.  So far, the state’s and the land-owners’ actions have demonstrated little desire to cater for continued sustainable Saami reindeer husbandry in Härjedalen.


The background of the agreement is a lawsuit where about 780 Swedish land-owners sued the reindeer herding communities, claiming that no grazing-rights exist on land to which the Swedish population holds title.  The lawsuit ended in 2004, with Swedish courts holding that the Saami had not been able to prove their right to pasture in Härjedalen.  A significant factor in the lawsuit was hence Swedish law’s demand that Saami communities prove their traditional presence in an area.  This is difficult for an oral indigenous culture aspiring to leave no traces on the land.  The Saami is officially recognized as the indigenous people of Northern Sweden.  Yet in land-disputes between Swedish and Saami parties, Sweden maintains that the presumption shall be that the Saami have no right to land.  In other words, despite Sweden’s formal recognition of the Saami as indigenous, in practice, in law-suits, Sweden has “transformed” the Saami into the intruding population having to prove its right to exist.

Young reindeer herders blogging in Sweden
Written by Philip Burgess   
Saturday, 09 April 2011 17:28
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logoThree young Sami reindeer herders from Härjedalen,  Sweden have started a blog where they write about their everyday life as reindeer herders in this area. The reason for the blog is an ongoing law suit, where the Sami villages have lost their rights to reindeer grazing in this area. And while an agreement would appear to be in reach, in principle, it  means that the villages renounce their customary rights to pasture their reindeer for ever.

According to Helena Omma, the leader of the Saminuorra the youth perspective is often missing in these kinds of processes, so there is a need for the youth to explain their own lives with their own words and  how this process affects them and how they believe that they have a future in reindeer husbandry in Härjedalen.

Visit the blog here (in Swedish)
Circumpolar Reindeer Institute Offically Opened with Photos
Written by Philip Burgess   
Monday, 28 March 2011 17:34
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EALAT_Inst_OPen_thumbThe University of the Arctic Institute for Circumpolar  Reindeer Husbandry: UArctic EALAT Institute was officially opened on Thusrday, March 24th in the Sami reindeer herding village of Kautokeino.

Despite the unexpected appearance of a Polar Low, which shut down coastal airports and roads across northern Norway, which prevented the arrival and the delay of others, the opening was well attended and held at 'Diehtosiida', the Sami Univesrity College. The Institute was officially opened by the President of the Sami Parliament in Norway, Egil Olli alongside a number of visiting dignitaries including the Secretary of State for Sami Affairs, Raimo Valle, Dr. Robert Corell, the Chair of ACIA (and advisor to the Institute) and  Douglas Nakashima of UNESCO, among others.The opening ceremony featured a lavvu on stage which was ceremoniously 'opened'and out of which came reindeer herding youth from Mongolia, the Nenets Autonomous Okrug, the Yamal Peninsula and Norway.
Press Programme for Opening of Circumpolar Reindeer Institute
Written by Philip Burgess   
Wednesday, 16 March 2011 17:35
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ealat-book-150-pxThe latest press programme for the opening of the UArctic EALÁT Institute for Circumpolar Reindeer Husbandry - a direct outcome of the IPY EALÁT project and a unique IPY legacy is now avaialble for download.

The event for press and public kicks off on Wednesday, March 23rd and continues through to Friday and combines an official opening to be performed by HSH Prince Albert of Moncao and a seminar organised by the Norwegian Sami Parliament entitled Indigenous Traditional Knowledge and Academic Knowledge Building - What Indigenous Communities Wishes and What Academia Can Offer.

All documents related to the opening of the EALÁT Institute can be found here and more will be posted as they become available
UArctic Circumpolar Reindeer Institute Opening March 24, Kautokeino
Written by Philip Burgess   
Sunday, 06 March 2011 19:08
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ealat_logoOn March 24th, a unique educational institute will be created - the  UArctic EALÁT Institute which will be centred in Kautokeino and established as a legacy of the International Polar Year (IPY),   to maintain networks established in the circumpolar north during IPY and to increase the  cooperation related to information exchange,  research and education in circumpolar reindeer husbandry in Eurasia. This institute is an outgrowth of the IPY EALAT research project.

The official opening will be performed by HSH Prince Albert of Monaco and the event will be followed by an Arctic 'Lavvu' dialogue which will bring together reindeer herders, youth, scientists and researchers in a kick off event for this newly established institute.
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